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Buy 200 of Selected Sony LTOs in June and Receive a 55" 3D Sony Bravia

James David - Friday, June 08, 2012

Here is a promotion from Sony well worth considering.

Buy 200 units of any combination of Sony LT03, LT04 or LT05 during June to be eligible to receive a free 55” 3D Sony Bravia TV worth $1849.

The media is Sony’s excellent range of LTO Ultrium data cartridges in 800GB, 1.6TB and 3.0TB sizes and they can be purchased in any combination of LT03, LT04 and LT05. As long as you reach 200 units of any combination of those tapes, you're good!

The TV is a 55” 3D Sony Bravia LCD. It’s limited to one per customer and is shipped directly from Sony.

The fine print:

Promotion period is 1st June 2012 to 29th June 2012. Offer is valid while stocks last or for the promotional period, whichever occurs first. Customers must purchase a minimum of 200 Sony LT03, LTO4 or LTO5 model tapes and cumulative orders are eligible, please check on availability of Televisions prior to placing your order.

Get in contact with us for a competitive quote, or check out the store here.


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Be More Cost Efficient With Upcoming Tax Changes

James David - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Looking for new software? It may be worth waiting a few weeks until the new financial year.

The many complexities of tax law are not our specialty here at Complete IT; we prefer to be tangled up in Cat6 and SATA cables and our nerd arms tend to collapse under the weight of law textbooks, but a recent article on BIT regarding the 2012/13 budget has piqued our interest.

As we rapidly approach the end of the 2011/12 financial year, it’s time to turn our eyes to necessary business expenditure and tax, and how best to manage the two between the coming and going financial years.

New legislation announced in the 2012/13 budget includes changes for Small Business Entities, those with an annual turnover below two million dollars, which allow an asset with a cost above $1000 and below $6500 to be written off immediately. In the past it was necessary to depreciate assets that cost over $1000 over a span of years; a more complex process with a delayed return.

The new legislation is both simpler and more efficient – the sooner a business can recoup that cost, the sooner it can allocate the resource to an activity that will generate a return on investment.

The interesting angle for IT budgets in small business is that the $1000-$6500 price range is bang on for new equipment. New desktops, NAS drives, laptops and printers, for example, can all handily fall within that range.

So if you’re planning on purchasing something within that range, and don’t need it immediately, it’s more cost-effective to wait until the new financial year. You’ll be seeing the full benefit in your tax return years earlier than if your purchase falls under the 2011/12 rules.

The Complete IT store carries a full range of hardware and software for all levels of IT infrastructure, as well as offering procurement services and support for hardware upgrades and software licensing. All major brands and vendor support included. Head here for the store, and get in contact if you have any questions or would like a quote, here.

Image via Adobe.


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Do you have a backup that you can rely on?

James David - Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Tuesday, 4800 Australian websites disappeared into the ether when an Australian domain registrar and host was hacked, leaving the data on four of their major servers unrecoverable. If users on those affected servers did not have an external backup accessible, their website, along with all of the work and potential business it represents, was lost. They are rebuilding from the ground up.

How prepared are you for this kind of situation?

Hacks like these are, unfortunately, part of life in today's online world. The internet has an incredible potential to enrich our lives, but as we take greater advantage of this potential; and more of our information, business, communication, socialising and networking moves online, the value and usefulness of obtaining this information for nefarious purposes increases. The important questions become - what are you doing to protect your security, and what redundancy do you have in place to recover your systems, should disaster occur. How recent, thorough, secure, and accessible is your backup?

A thorough and secure hosting company will be making backups of their data to tape and storing them off-site in case of disaster, and most will provide automatic backups of your site, or a simple tool that allows you to easily create a backup through your online control panel. Developing and monitoring a backup schedule, and managing the resulting backups is an important step in improving your website's redundancy. This will help you to know what backups, tools, and options you have available to restore your website in a disaster situation.

If you aren't getting regular backup status reports from your IT service provider, and don't know whether or not you have a backup that you can rely on, it's time for an IT health check.


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Astra Sync for your Blackberry

Paul Risbey - Friday, January 22, 2010

Astra Sync is an application which lets you synchronise your email, calendar and contacts over the air without using Blackberry Enterprise Server. It implements the Microsoft Activesync and Directpush protocols to do so. Astrasync is a nice alternative to BES.

It is a software application for BlackBerry Smartphones that performs two-way over-the-air synchronization of email, calendar and contact data with an ActiveSync server such as Microsoft Exchange 2007, Exchange 2003, MailSite Fusion or Kerio Mail Server 6. It only needs to be installed on the BlackBerry device, can be downloaded over the air and runs silently in the background.

To install it, you just need to visit the Astra Sync site from your device browser.

You can either opt for a 7 day trial or purchase it directly for $49 per year. After the installation is complete, you can edit the configuration settings of Astra Sync. You can enter your Server Configuration details like - Email Address, Server, Domain, Username, Password. You can optionally use SSL and set the application to use the mobile network or Wi-Fi. After the setup is done, just select whatever data items you want to synchronize - Email, Contacts and Calendar and save the settings.

You can also edit the application options to control specific settings like Server configuration, network settings, Sync settings and schedule, Email settings, calendar settings, alert and disgnostic settings.

You can then set a synchronizing schedule to automatically sync after a defined interval. You can also set alerts and edit email related settings. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to understand.

Since you can use Astra Sync via Wi-Fi, you can also save on your data plan. There is only one small issue with Astrasync: it uses up your battery rather quickly, because it has to maintain an open connection with the server. Other than that, it's a great substitute for Blackberry Enterprise Server to sync your data over the air.

Here's the official site - http://www.astrasync.com/


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