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Fix your computer without leaving your house

James David - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That feeling when you turn on your computer, ready to work or read your emails and all you are presented with is a black screen and some cryptic beeps is terrible. That jarring shock as the screen goes blue and everything breaks down when you are in the middle of something is worse.

The computer was working yesterday, nothing has changed, it just doesn’t work.

A broken down or misbehaving computer is an incredibly frustrating thing to deal with, especially if it is the primary computer in the household or is used for important work or schoolwork. Part of the problem is how utterly mystifying it is. The computer was working yesterday, nothing has changed and unless you know exactly what you’re doing, there’s nothing really to tell you what’s wrong. It just doesn’t work.

And then if you have to deal with sending parts or the whole computer away, it gets worse. The process is usually long-winded; involving multiple phone calls, emails and trips to the post office and often taking days or weeks to reach a satisfying conclusion.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with any of that because quality professional IT support is always available.

Complete IT offers an on-site computer repair service in which our experienced technicians will come direct to your home or office and fix your misbehaving machinery on the spot. If your issue is too complex to be fixed then and there we will take it to our offices for repairs, bring it back to you in perfect order and then make sure that it is set up and running flawlessly before we leave.

Stress-free, timely and friendly: the way IT support should be.

Give us a call the next time you are in need of a computer wizard, or any time you would like some friendly advice, support or assistance.

James David

Your IT Implementation, Planning and Support Specialist

Complete IT


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