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Making upgrades easy

- Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You can do incredible things with your computer, but can your computer keep up with you? An upgrade could be just the kick in the pants your PC needs.

Get the most out of your desktop or laptop.

One of the best things about running a desktop PC is that when it starts to struggle to keep up with what you want to do with it, or your needs change, it is easy to upgrade without starting from scratch! The hardest part is choosing what hardware is going to give you the biggest benefit in what you want to do.

Components like RAM, hard-disks, optical drives and graphics cards can be changed simply and affordably. Best of all, most of them can be changed independently of each other and won’t require a fresh install of your operating system.

If you’re a gamer, or planning on becoming one, a quick, easy and affordable graphics card upgrade can be all that you need to run games smoothly and with all the eye-candy turned up. If you are getting into Photoshop or Lightroom, working with big Excel or Word documents, or managing a sizable Access database, a RAM upgrade could make a big difference to your productivity.

Even your CPU and motherboard can be easily upgraded. Think of them as the platform on which everything else is built. They just have more influence on the other parts in the system and so changing them may necessitate other hardware upgrades, like new RAM or a new graphics card. They do, however, offer the most general-use speed, as well as substantial performance upgrades for some applications.

Complete IT offers a computer upgrade service in which we will evaluate your computer and your specific needs and then advise on what components will give you the most benefit and whether or not it would be more cost-effective to do a full rebuild. We will then procure the hardware for you, perform all necessary backup, installation and setup procedures and make sure everything is running its best before we leave.

Call Complete IT on 1300 732 850, or head to our contact page here, and we’ll help you get the most out of your desktop or laptop. Get the most out of your upgrade and make it easy and stress-free with Complete IT.

If prefer the DIY approach to PC upgrading, head to our online store for great prices, fast, secure shipping and premium service.


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