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Online backup services and making your technology work for you

- Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Online backup services keep your important data safe and secure in case of emergencies and are a vitally important service for small businesses. But protecting your data is not all they will do for you.

Do all the things you’ve always done, when, where and how you want to.

By the release of their 2010 second quarter results, Apple had sold just over 51 million iPhones. This equates to a considerable number of people walking around with much of the productivity capacity of their office computer, in their pocket. And that’s not counting people who prefer Android smartphones or the legions of businesspeople who swear by their blackberries.

What I’m saying is that, these days, we don’t work with a single centralised device. The desktop PC is no longer the focus of our work environment. Laptops, tablets and smartphones allow us to break free of the office and work wherever we want, whether that is in a client’s boardroom or under the warming touch of a pleasant sunbeam. And it’s fantastic - I don’t want to be couped up in an office all day if I don’t have to be and I want to add value to my interactions with clients by increasing my capacity to work productively and collaboratively outside of the office. I also want my important documents to go with me when I leave my desktop and I want them to be back there once I walk out of that client’s boardroom.

That’s something an online backup service can provide. Not only will they ensure that your important data is backed up automatically, conveniently and securely, but once it is, it will be online waiting for you, wherever you may need it. Some services can even provide online syncing, so that you can set your backup up as you like it and then all but forget about it. It will, quietly and transparently, make sure that the most recent versions of all your files are synced automatically on all the platforms you use, ready for you when you need them.

I changed to an online backup service, and I can never look back. I do a day’s work on my desktop, get home to my laptop and everything is there just as it was in the office. On a recent trip I was sitting in a taxi on the way to the airport and needed to share a file with a collaborator. All I had to do was open the browser on my smartphone and head to my backup website. Two minutes (and a kilometre of Sydney traffic) later it was done.

Technology doesn’t just let us do new things, more advanced things or better things. It enables us to do all the things we’ve always done, when, where and how we want to. It gives us flexibility and convenience and takes care of important tasks in more efficient, effective and secure ways than we could do them manually.

It gives us time, our most precious resource, to be the best we can be.

Give Complete IT a call on 1300 732 850, or head to our contact page here, to talk about what you want your technology to do for you.


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